There's a book by Dick Sutphen Log Splitter called, You Were Born Again to Be Together. In that book, he talks about groups of humans who biking through time calm like a ancestors it's the abstraction that assertive souls accede to go through aeon calm and accept altered experiences. I anticipate humans in my "tribe" if you will, saw agnate images. But I don't apperceive why.It seems like there are abounding humans who accept had transformative airy adventures of one blazon or another, but are abashed to allocution about it.

Accept you noticed this? JC: I see it all the time. When I do my groups, we allocution about these things and humans appear out of the woodwork. I see coffer presidents, accumulated leaders, aggressive humans and policemen who've had near-death experiences, visitations from angels, intercessions from college admiral and awakenings. But they're abashed to allocution about it because they don't wish to be apparent as "woo woo."But anyone has to go first. A lot of humans don't apperceive this ancillary of me.

I anticipate I'm apparent as affectionate of a acclaimed being because of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Now they can see, here's this accustomed guy who's had these experiences. Maybe it will accord them the adventuresomeness to accept they accept too.You founded the Transformational Leadership Council; its associates are listed in the book. What is the purpose of this accumulation and how has it afflicted change? JC: It was founded out of my charge to accept a abutment accumulation of humans accomplishing agnate work.


There were altered associations, but there was no accumulation for humans who own transformational training companies. So I threw a three-day accident at my house, and for three canicule we had a altercation about whether or not we capital to actualize a abutment accumulation with anniversary other.